Frequently Asked Questions on RTO CRICOS and Higher Education Sales in Australia

How much is my education business worth?

There is no exact formula and a multiple of xyz doesn’t really apply. It depends on a number of factors which are all used to determine the market value. We consider length of registration, registration cycle, regulator risk rating, Immigration risk level for CRICOS, courses, sources of income, leases and property, income of the business and reliance the current owner.


How long does it take to sell my business?

From providing the opportunity to ANKCorp to sell your business we have various stages before the business can be sold. These phases are an initial presentation of the business to our matched buyers, negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale, a due diligence period and contract negotiation followed by ASQA and TEQSA and other regulatory processes that need to be followed. All these steps take at least 3 months.


Why should  I use ANKCorp?

We have over the last year sold over 32 education businesses. We started only in 2018 however, we have a history in the education sector in Australia for the last 15 years. We know the inside and out of RTO’s, CRICOS RTO’s and Higher Education Providers. We provide solutions to complex transactions and ensure a smooth transition from the beginning to achieve a desired outcome for all parties involved. We work on deals 24/7 and though various technology platforms we are able to achieve successes in communication flow and maintain tight timelines with a range of stakeholders.


What are the fees charged?

The fees to sell your business range from the size of the business in terms of the sale price. Each business is unique and different and so is our approach. For further fee discussions please contact us.


I found a RTO on my own

We provide a cost effective service as a buyers agent whereby we act on the behalf of you the buyer, when we are not representing the seller. If you find your RTO from your own efforts, we can assist in the negotiation, terms and conditions of the sale, guidance on the due diligence process and co ordination of the regulator change processes. This is a start to finish service at a very low and affordable fee.